The Human Resource Development Basis on the Businessman Creative as a Solution of Little Beggar Decreased in Mataram City.


  1. Background


Mataram is the capital of NTB Province which has many populations either because of aboriginal inhabitant or from migration. In one side, Mataram is the central activities of society which has modern life than the other areas. It can increase the life competition for the society in which they will get difficulties for whom they are not able to against the stream of life. We can see the fact that there are many children who must come to the road in which ask the money for those people around them to meet their need.

Do they not have any parents? If they still have, where are they? What they do? Those questions actually are easy to answer, it happened because of their parents are not able to give what the parents should give to their children. Most of them are low educated people, they do not have skill which can be used to look for the job. They do not know what they should do to survive in this life. Hence, one of ways that they can do is by allowing their children be a beggar in which should come to some areas to look for the people who had mercy and want to give them money. They let their children to loose their childhood to help their family life meeting their needs.

The number of proverty population on March, 2010 is about 1 million people (21,55 %) in which the rate of proverty of urban area is higer than rural areas. The urban area is about 552.617 people (28,16%) while the rural area about 456.735 (16,78%). Even though we know well that Mataram is an urban area which is almost same with Jakarta. The fact that Mataram is the center of activities of people, we can see from the city arrangement which are full of government offices and institutions. However, the reality said that the increased of the number of little beggars in the Mataram city is a prove that the rate of proverty in urban area is higer than rural area. Then, this situation is one of big problems which should be thought by all people, either it is Government or the society. We cannot let the young generation of this country totally become a beggar.

According to Ishak, M (2000) who states that there are three categories of a beggar purposes, that is, the first, they become a beggar in which to look for their satiesfication. The second is to subsist and the last is because of the compulsiveley. Hence, where do we place the beggar of our city?? We can say that most of children like being a beggar, because everywhere we can find them. However, if we ask them why they do this work, they will answer because of subsist they want to help their parents in meeting their needs. On the other hand, if we look at the age of children, they should not do this work. They should be in their world that is play with their friends, learning, and getting fun for this life. They should spend their childhood happily without thinking about the hard life. Yet, the fact that after coming home from school, they directly come to road for asking money, and sometimes they do not go to school. The problem of waifs becoming a beggar is a proper thing in the view of society. The effect of the lack of people care make this problem happened. The people do not pay attention about the children condition. Then, it can create the negative effect for children growth. We cannot let them live in the road by asking money to everyone, it can make free life without contrroling with the people around them. They will be lack of education and attitude, because their environment will de developed their character like that. Asking money to everyone will be a bad habit for their growth.

In conclusion, we are as the students college should help them in solving their problem. In this case, we want to give a solution by creating community development which focuses on the human resource development. Community development is a set of approaches undertaken by individuals, informal groups and organizations. The purpose of community development is to help the people in identifying and helping diverse and competing community voices to be heard. However, the community development here means that a group of students college which wants to help the children stop to be a beggar by creating human resource development basis on the business creative to which produces a product that is the utilization of scrapheap. Hence, we will try to help them for solving their problem.

We do believe that all of us know about “trash” and when we hear the word of trash, we directly will think about the scrapheap either it is organic or anorganic. We can find trash anywhere. According to Cambridge Dictionoray who defines that trash is a waste material or things that are no longer want or needed or we can say that something which has not good qaulity. Hencce, we are going to utilize the anorganic trash especially only for wastepaper.

If we look around us, we cannot be apart with paper, we will find so much paper everywhere. Then, if we realize that the paper is able to give negative effect for our environment. Otherwise, by looking this situation we take the initiative to decrease the rate of little beggars through the utilization of wastepaper in which we will cycle the wastepaper to be a good things that can be sold to the other people. Hence, not only we can decrease the rate of little beggars, but also we can decrease the damaged of environment.

  1. Discussion and Solution


We are as young generations should take position in this situation especially for us who are students college. We have already understood about what actually happened in our society. We cannot let those children become a beggar for this life, we should help them. We must encourage them to create the better life. One of ways that can be used is by making good environment for them. The environment is a place in which they can get good experiences and develop their thinking and character to view this life. Then, the human resource development basis on the businessman creative is a way for us to help them in which we encourage them by creating a community development in form of human resource development for teaching how to utilize the wastepaper to become a good things that they can sell to the other people. Besides, the role of community develoment can identify and arrticulate their needs. The community development will be a new place which provide the tutors who teach them not only about utilize of wastepaper, but also we give them private study about their lesson. We must encourage those children so that they are much more spirit in learning at the sschool. However, the main purpose here that we want to accompany them to beyond this situation that is by creating a good environment in form of an community which consists of people who care with them. the people who are not only as their tutor, but also they can be as their friends. Hence, they do not need to become a beggar again in which asks money for the others in the road, but they can get money by selling the things that they have been made by their hands. Then, the important one is they have new friends which are able to play and gather with them.


In the community, the tutor will train the children to utilize the wastpeper for which creates a variety of goods ornament. The utilization of wastepaper is not so difficult to be learnerd by those children. They just need much more learn and practice. At the first time, the tutor will explain them about the wastepaper and how to utilize them. the children will be looked the steps of the wastepaper utilization, so they will be able to practice by them selves. Then, the tutor start to teach them how to make a varitey ornaments from the utilization. The children are starting to practice making a simple ornament based on their creativity. Those processes will be done by having fun without getting any burden. They express their imagination toward their ornament. The most important thing that they can enjoy the process of learning, so they will be more comfortable in this community.


The cycle of wastepaper is economical, no need more budget to train them. We only need much wastepaper and spirit of their learning. If they want to try and learn seriously, we do believe that their skill will be improved. They will be able to create a variety of good ornament easily. It only needs their spirit and motivation to learn seriously. While for the wastepaper, it is easy for us to find it. We only need to make a relation work with one institution to allow us taking the wastepaper. We will ask the institution to provide us the wastepaper rather than the paper becomes trash. Then we do believe that our institituion will support us to do this program, because they know that we have a good purpose in this community. We will help Government to decrease the proverty of population by creating this human resource development. On the other hand we will create a creative young generation for this city. So, there is no reason for them to refuse our asking.


The ornaments which are created by utilization of wastepaper having a good qaulity, and they can sell it by giving cost Rp.3000-5000. We can imagine that if we gather 20 little beggars in the community, and each of them will make 5 ornaments for one day. They will get money about Rp.25.000 for one day. Moreover, if they get into the habit of creating the ornament, they will be able to make more than 5 ornaments each day. Hence, they will earn money is higher than before. The money that they are earned is more enough for them rather than they should come to the road only for asking money to the others. They only spend their energy and time by coming to the road as a beggar, because not all people will give them money off hand. However, when they are able to create some ornament, they can sell the ornament toward their friends at the school or the people around them. We do believe that they will be interested in their ornaments, because the first those ornamentz are their handcraps, it has good qaulity and economical. Then, they will respect toward the children effort, hence they will buy those ornaments. It is easy for them to earn the money, they only need an effort to offer their handcraps toward the other. Besides that, we can change their perception about how to earn money and keep learning.


This community not only focuses on stopping them become a beggar, but also it aims to improve their knowledge. We want to help them reaching their achievment at the school by teaching their lessons. Besides, we want them to be a good children either it is about their educations, or their characters. In this program, we will provide them some tutors who will teach them about their subject and religion. For example, it is about reading, english, math, or something so. Most of them still lack of knowledge even cannot read and write well. Hence we will teach them how to read and write. We will provide them some books to improve their skill. We do believe that they will feel happy and spirit in learning process, because we will teach them by giving fun material and we are not only as a teacher, but also we are friends for them. We are learning while playing. Hence, it can motivate them to face and enjoy their life.


On the other hand, the role of this community is able to help the Government developing human resource. Creating a community for little beggar in Mataram is a human resource development which has purpose to decrease the number of beggar in this city. If we want to create a good young generation, we should develop the human resource from early by providing facilities as their place in expressing their idea. If the government let the children contnuesly become a beggar, so this country will be worse than before. Because, the children who will be the generation of this country having bad treatment since early. In hence, the Government should pay attention about what actually their needs. The government should decide a variety ways to develop the human resource, because human resource development is really necessary to increase the quality of people. When the human resource of this country has high quality, so we can directly compete with the other country. Hence, We can show to the other countries that we are developed country.


  1. Conclusion


In conclusion, we do believe that the human resource development basis on businessman creative is a good solution to decrease the rate of little beggars in Mataram city. This program not only creates an occupation for those children, but also it can develop the character of children. At the first time, the children do not care about their school and cannot enjoy their childhood. However, through this commuinity the children get knowledge and skill for living in this life. They will be more spirit in doing anything, because they have been given motivation that will make them enjoy about this life. Eventhough the children work at that moment, but the important thing is they do not loose their world. They are still able to play with their friend. Then, they can enjoy their life without having any burden. They find a new world for their life without changing who they are. But the fact that this program is a positif way to encourage them to enjoy their world. Besides that, this program will be a good environment for developing them selves. The environment is created besed on learning and getting fun so that it will not make them bored in beyond the process. They are be accompanied by people who always give stimulous and input positive toward their personality. When the children have been stayed in good environment, then they have a good desire and motivation inside of their own selves, hence they will be start their life by having positive thinking. They will always want to learn more to improve their knowledge. Hence, the character development will in line with the behaviour of the children. We do believe that through this community the children will be a good children not only as a good student, but also as a good son or daughter for their parents. Their parents will be proud of them because of their achievment, then the parent will realize that asking the children become a beggar is not a good way to survive in this life. Besides that, the parent will be aware of their responsibility toward their children, in hence the parents will try to look for a good job to meet their need. As the result, this program should be built by the others to help the people around us.