The Glass Managerie is one of drama scripts of Tennessee Williams. It tells about a family life. There are seven scenes in this drama, however in this case we just focus on scene 1.

  1. Scene 1 summary

Scene 1 is the exposition part in drama script. The author begins the story by portraying the setting of the place and time, the condition of the apartment which is complete with fire escape and desperation. As we know that the glass menagerie is memory, because the story is memory of Tom. Tom reminds and retell the story, we can see by looking at the script that tom coming first by using dress as “merchant sailor” and smoking. Tom begins the story by saying about the era of the story, after that he introduces himself that he is not only as a character in this drama, however he is also as the narrator of the drama. Then, introducing the other characters those are his family, such as Amanda as his mother, his sister Laura, and the last is Jim, the gentlemen caller who appearances in the last scene. As we know that his father leaves them a long time ago. Their father only leaves postcard containing massage “Hello-Good- Bye”. The story of scene 1 is only conversation among Tom, Amanda, and Laura. By reading the conversation, the author implies about the characteristic of each character. We can look that Amanda annoys Tom at the table with etiquette rules about elbows and not picking his nose. Tom retaliates by shouting and then leaving. After that, in the story tells about the Amanda’s passed. She received seventeen gentlemen callers. She is so popular and knows about how to entertain the gentlemen caller. On the other hand, Amanda expresses not-so-subtly that Laura ought to have some “gentlemen callers.” And that she should type on the typewriter. However, Laura isn’t confidence with herself, until she says that I am just not popular like you to her mother. That’s only about scene 1.

  1. The scene 1 mainly about providing the audience about the essential information such as introduction of the character, setting, and tells about the Amanda passed.
  1. Theme

The theme is now and the past. According to the story, Amanda always refers to her past, so that she wants her daughter’s life as well as her life in the past, such as Laura must get gentlemen caller  like she was. In fact, Laura could not do it because of her condition.

  1. Setting

The setting of “The Glass Menagerie” is a cramped apartment in a lower-class part of St. Louis in the year 1937.

  1. The characters in scene 1
    1. Tom : narrator of the play, he is hot blooded,  do not like to be regulated. He is a temperament boy.
    2. Amanda : she is talkative mother, but she is a good and kind mother. She gives more attention to her daughter and her son. She is a strong woman, because she can live with her family without her husband.
    3. Laura : she is nice and patient girl. However, she is not confident with herself. She is so shy with her condition,.
  2. Point of View

The point of view the author is Omniscient. The story is told in third person by a narrator who has unlimited knowledge of events and characters.

  1. The comparison among scene 1 and the other scene

Actually in scene 1, that is only an introduction or the exposition of the story. Hence the conflict isn’t arisen action yet. By reading the whole scenes, we can say that the characteristic of the character is able to see clearly. For instance tom character, at the scene 1, his emotional is looked a little bit, and still can be control. However in the next scene, he is more and more emotion when he fights with her mother. On the other hand, at the last scene, he tries to be calm when he talks with her mother. Next, about Laura, a nice girl who is really shy till the last of scene, but in the final scene she is a little confidence with her self because of Jim spirit.

  1. Massages value

From the scene 1 that the author implied memory is a good experience, however we should not too much refer to our past.  We may look back to our past, but it is only for supplementary.

  1. Social background

The Wingfield family in the glass menagerie representing America’s situation in the 1930’s, where there was a great depression in America. In the 1930’s there were many people out of work and the competition for jobs was fierce, moreover for women, because in that era women incomes were considered as supplementary, so there was pressure to hire men, who are the breadwinners, first