Now, the time shows at 09.00 pm, Rizka sits by her self in the bed room. She has just finished her fonology’s assignment. Then, looking at the window. How beautiful it is, the night full of the moon light. She looks it too long till she doesn’t realize her mom enters to her bed room. She looks day dreaming, dwells in mind by her self. And then her mother talks to her.

Mom : ehem..ehem.. (Cough) What are you doing honey. . .??

(with  sweet smile)

Rizka: (fightened out of with )

Nothing mom., just looking at the beautiful sky. (a force smiling face ) how long have you been here, mom..??

Mom : i have just come honey,,, what happened with you,? Why do you look so gloomy? (walking to Rizka )

Rizka:  i don’t know ,. ( take a long breath  and looks the moon light)

Mom : what are you thiinking of…?? do you have any burdens, honey??

Rizka : (silence and looking her mom’s face)

Mom : what’s wrong with you sweety ? (a curious face )

Rizka: mom… if my “IP” is decrease, will  father and you anger with me? (gawp)

Mom : why do you think like that ?

rizka :  (looking at the sky)

mom, . you know that my condition is not like before such as I was in junior or senior high school. It’s really different from now, i don’t have any basic in my department.  English is really difficult for me. (teary eyes and sitting in the bed )

mom : what do you feel honey..?? you aren’t confortable with English department? Do you want to move to the other departments. ? (sitting together in the bed)

rizka : no mom, i don’t mind like that. (looking her mom face)  I am comfortable with English department, but i am just afraid. I am afraid, i will disappoint mom and father. English lectures are more and more difficult, it really needs hard work to get good result. (close her face)

mom : honey… you study not to look for the mark or value. You study to get knowledge which you will use in your future. Though you get a bad mark, it’s no problem,  but you get the knowledge and keep study hard. However you must try and try, don’t give up till you haven’t tried yet, honey. ( a smiling face)

rizka : yes mom, i always try to do it until my best. I say like this, because i am afraid i won’t be the first like mom and father hoped. I don’t want to make you sad and disappointed when you know my result. (tear in eyes)

mom : no problem honey. Mom and father only hope you enjoy walking on in this life. We are proud of you regardless of your self.  We hope the rainbow always in your eyes, which is able to make each people smile while looking at you. You can be the wise women and can be useful for the other people.

Rizka: thanks mom.. i will be a rainbow for you, father, my family and the other people. I will make the the life full of colors. I keep promise to you mom, i will always make you happy.  (smiling in her face)

Mom : (smiling in her face and hugging rizka)

Alright honey.. we are always proud of you.. so, don’t think to much about anything. Let it flow, don’t be hiden your problem. Mom is always beside you, anything for you honey..

Rizka: (teary in eyes with smiling )

mm…my lovely mother.. forgive me mom, i really do appologize. I will try to be open person mom. I love you so much, really love you. (hugging her mom)

mom : i love you too honey… by the way, you have to sleep now, because it’s at mid night and you are going to go to collegue tommorow.

Rizka: thank you.. ok, mom…you too… (sleeping in the bed)

Mom : yes honey… (kissing her )  Nice dream sweet heart..

Rizka: have nice dream mom..

At the night, the moon light is still beautiful. Both of them go to sleep. Then, by this time, Rizka can solve her problem and forget her burdens which always she thinks of. And since this night, she is opener to her mother; there is no thing that she hides from her mother again.