Every moment, the people do communication in their life. As we know there are two kinds of communication, verbal and nonverbal communication. Verbal communication is commonly the people use in this world, we communicate with the other by using language. In other words, the verbal communication is a communication by using words which is symbolized with a language. Whereas, nonverbal communication is communicate without using word. Cited at Erving Goffman, he said that even though the people have stopped to speak, but they do not stop to communicate, through the body idiom (Mulyana, Dedi, 2001). Without using words, they can communicate each other that have been understood by the people. Actually, nonverbal communication is not new communication in human life, because they do not realize that they have done it every day and every time.

Nonverbal communication is such as giving a signal to the people which the meaning has already known by them. Edward Sapir states that nonverbal communication is an elaborate code that is written nowhere, known to none, and understood by all. It means that communicating nonverbally is a communication without words, without voices, which it is not known by each person, but it is understood by the people. In cross culture understanding, nonverbal communication is really important, because when we talk with the other people or foreigners; we have to know the background of those people. It is caused in communication process; we do not use the same language, so that we have to know the culture of those people especially for culture of nonverbal communication. As we know nonverbal communication is more difficult than verbal communication, because nonverbal communication can create a matter. Why the nonverbal communication can create a problem in human life, because sometimes it will create the miss understanding in communication process.  They can make a mistake in decoding the massage from the speaker because they have difference perception or assumption about the nonverbal communication that they are used.

In this case, we are going to compare and contrast Lombok culture in nonverbal communication with the other culture such as Korean. By looking the fact that, Korean and Lombok have their own manner in communicating nonverbally, sometimes it is same as the other or it is different. There are some kinds of communicating nonverbally that we will be compared and contrasted, it is caused by knowing that, we will be able to know and understand what we should do when we meet and communicate each other, though we have different way in communicating nonverbally. When the Lombok people meet with the Korean, they will not miss communication, because they have known the culture of Korean communication, so that the communication is success without multiinterpretation. They have known the meaning of nonverbal communication that they are used, it makes it easier and comfortable in communication process.

In this paper, we only discuss about hand gesture and eye contact in communicating nonverbally.

  1. Hand Gestures

Hand gesture is one of the nonverbal communication that the people use. Korean and Lombok have similiarities and differences in interpretating the meaning of hand gestures. There are some kinds of hand gesture such as :

–          Thumb up and thumb down

When the Lombok people shows the thumb up, it means that good or ok. It usually uses when the people have done something well and the other will give thumb up to say that it is good job. Then the thumb down means bad or understimate. In the championship of basket ball, the teams usually hate each other, then the usually shows the thumb down to them which mean that they understimate that team or says the team is bad. However in the Korean, the thumb down has different meaning. In Lombok, thumb down is negative meaning, but in Korean thumb down is the positive meaning. Korean interpretes the thumb down is you are the best, number one.  When the Korean give thumb down to the people, it means that  you are the best or boss. As the result, thumb down has different meaning between Lombok and Korean. If we do not know what the culture of thumb down in Korean, perhaps we will miss understanding and miss perception, so that it will make unsuccess communication. For instance, when Lombok people are given the thumb down by Korean, they will think that they are bad people. Certainly, Lombok people will angry with them, because the thumb down is negative meaning. That is the function to know about the cross cultur understanding in nonverbal communication.

–          Pointing

Pointing is an human habitual. When they want something, they directly pointing it.

In Lombok, if they want to point thing or someone, the people use the thumb finger that the other fingers close to the palm hands. It is really polite manner in Lombok culture, the thumb finger also uses when the people want to invite someone to come, sometimes says “ silaq ”. However, differ from Korean, while they want to point thing  they use open hands or midlle finger. For open hands is same as Lombok culture, Lombok culture aslo use it to invite the people. In contrats for the middle finger, in Lombok middle finger is bad manner. Lombok people do not like the people who shows it. They directly anger with them. As the result, when the Korean and Lombok people meet each other and they have not known about each culture. Then the Korean people point thing or people from Lombok. Perhaps, Lombok people will be angry to Korean people. It is caused the way the Korean and Lombok people point thing is different, so that we need to know about each other’s culture.

–          Wave hand

In Lombok culture waved his hand with the palm facing outward with the vertical movement means ‘goodbye’, while in Korea it means inviting people to come closer. To wave goodbye, Koreans wave their raised forearm side to side and palm facing out.

–          Excusing

When passing the people who are elder, or respected by the people, in Lombok culture the people use right hand and a little bowing then says “tabeq” . It is a polite manner in Lombok. While we want to excuse and pass in front of them, they are elder or same age,  always do that. In this case, Lombok and Korean is almost same manner, the Korean people use right hand or use both of hand without a little bowing. However it shows that both of Lombok and Korean respect to the other people though is elder or not.

–          greeting

Shakes hand is an habitual of Lombok people. When they meet with the other people or society as the greeting they shakes hand each other. It portrays of the toghetherness. However in Korean, they avoid touching with the other people or society. Korean male friends usually greet with both a slight bow and shaking hands. Traditional women usually do not shake hands, especially with men and just nod slightly. The way they are greeting almost different.

  1. Eye contact

Besides the hand gesture, the nonverbal communication culture between Lombok and Korean are eye contact. However, in this case there is no differences between Lombok culture and Korean culture in communicating nonverbally through eye contact. Both of them are not allowed or avoid eye contact in speaking with the other. They prefer to bow their face than look at the face of speaker. They think that eye contact is bad manner, it means that it is challanges and can not be done to the elder people. It seems unpolite manner.

After knowing about the culturre of nonverbal communication between Lombok and Korean, we can say that Lombok culture is more polite than Korean culture. We can look at pointing culture, the Korean prefer to use middle finger. Whereas, we know middle finger have bad meaning, not only Lombok people who says like that, but also chinese and japanese think of like that.  Besides that, we can compare that the culture Lombok is better manner than Korean. We can proof that in wave hand, excusing, and thumb down, all of those amnner shows that Lombok people is more polite. While the Korean, they have a little bad in nonverbal communication such as to say the someone is the best or number one by giving thumb down. Then, in excusing, the Lombok people seems more respectful than Korean, they are little bowing the body and greeting they prefer to shakes hand or touch each other. It shows the people are respectfull. In contrast with Korean, they do not do like that.

In conclusion, knowing nonverbal communcation is really important for each people, because by understanding about it, our communication will be run well and getting success regardless of their culture. We can respect each other without different interpretation or miss conception about it. As the result, we are comfortable in doing communication though we are from the other culture or country.