Someone who wants to change their blog theme by using like at “ “, let’s follow this step….

These are steps to change the blog theme :

1. Firstly, open this adress “, then you will find like this. after that, you will find the theme name in the bottom right “ notepad”







2.The next step, Sign in your wordpress blog

3. You will find this desktop . and then Click My Blog in that dekstop

4. Then Click your blog name in that dekstop

5. After that, click dashbord on the left top

6. Then, look for the  appearance word  in  the left side, click it and then click the theme

7. After that, look for the notepad theme, and then activate.

8. Finally, the theme has active. After that click the dashboard again, and then click your blog name,  you will see your blog like this.

all steps above will make you know about how to change your theme in blog..

let’s try it..!!!!