1.      The introduction

This is one of stories by Guy Maupassant. It tells about a woman who is pretty and charming. Her name is Matihlde, she is not satisfied with her life because of she is a poor girl. She gets marriage with a little clerk that is Mr. Loisel and it makes her life worse. She hungers luxuries and delicacies, she wants to be greatest lady and elegant. On the contrary, her condition is not like that. One evening, her husband gives her invitation to attend the ministry ball; she is surprised and angry with her husband because she doesn’t have anything for the party. She asks some money to her husband to buy a gown. On the other hand, her husband also needs the money, but he gives the money directly. The day before the party, she still seems unhappy, because she doesn’t have a single piece of jewelry. Therefore, her husband suggests her to lend jewelry to her friend that is Madame Jeanne Forestier who has some collections of jewelry. By getting this suggestion, she comes to Madame Jeanne Forestier and then, she decides to borrow the diamond necklace.

The night of the ball arrives. She comes to the party and almost of guests fascinated with her beauty. She is prettier than the other. By a long the time, she goes home about 4 o’clock and then she realizes that the diamond necklace has lost. She is really confused and sad. She tells her husband about that, and then they try to look for it. However, the result is nothing, they do not find it. It makes her really confused, because she doesn’t know how to turn back it. So, her husband advises her to send letter that the clasp of diamond necklace has broken, and you are having it mended. Then, Mathilde does what her husband has advised. After getting the accident, she finds a shop which sells as same as the diamond necklace and the price is about fourty thousand Francs. After that, she tries to find a loan. By getting some loans, she buys it and turns back to Madame Jeanne Forestier . On the other hand, her husband and she must think how to replace the money which they are lent. Otherwise, they hard work every day during ten years especially for Mathilde. She works without thinking of her beauty and then they can replace the money. By the end of the story, she meets with Madame Foreistier who has lent her the diamond necklace. Madame Jeanne Forestier surprises with her appearance that looks ugly. Then, Mathilde tells the truth that she has lost the diamond necklace. By hearing her saying, she also tells that the diamond necklace is imitation and only five hundred Franch.

2.      Detail

a.      Plot and conflict structure

In the exposition, the author introduces by portraying the girl is one of those pretty and charming young creatures who sometimes are born, as if by a slip of fate, into family of clerks. The name is Mathilde, she doesn’t have dowry, no expectation, no way of being known, understand, love, marry by any rich and distinguish man. So she lets herself be married to a little clerk of the ministry of Public Instruction that is Mr. Loisel. That is the beginning of the story. Then, the author portrays that she wants to attend a ministry ball, but she isn’t confidence with her appearance. Then, she asks the money to her husband for buying a gown and she decides to borrow the diamond necklace in her friend that is Madame Jeanne Forestier . It is the beginning of the conflict. After that, in the middle of story, the author tells that when Mathilde attends a ministry ball, almost a lot of guests fascinated with her beauty. She is prettier than the other. Mathilde feels confidence in the party. However, the diamond necklace is lost. She doesn’t realize it. That is the middle of the conflict. The conflict is rising action that is from getting invitation and making decision to borrow the diamond necklace, then the diamond necklace is lost. This condition is complication or development in the middle of story, it is caused the conflict raises action.

By getting the accident, her husband and she try to look for it and the result is nothing. So, she lies to her friend by telling that the clasp of diamond necklace has broken, and are having mended. The conflict is falling action, when she can replace the diamond necklace by buying the same diamond necklace which the price is fourty thousand Frances. She can do it, because her husband and she find some loans. Then, they work every day during the ten years to replace the money which they have borrowed. Mathilde doesn’t care with her beauty again. In the end of the story, they can replace their debt and one day Mathilde meets Madame Jeanne Forestier . She surprised with Mathilde’s appearance which is ugly. Then, Mathilde tells her that it is because of you. She has lost the diamond necklace and for replacing it, she must work everyday during the ten years. Madame Forstier is surprised again and tells that how poor you are, that diamond is imitation and it is worth five hundred francs. That is ending of story. The author ends the story by opening denouement. We do not know that the ending is sad or happy, because there is no more explanation. The author makes the reader to imagine what will happen in this story.

b.      Character

In the story, the major character is Mathilde. It is caused she is a center actress and almost all of the events tell about her actions in the story. The author portrays about her problems that she is a woman who is unsatisfied with her life. She is a round character, because the first she always thinks about luxury, her beauty, elegant, or be a greatest lady. However, because of that accident, she wants to hard work without thinking her beauty and she is responsible with her mistake. On the other side, there is Monsieur Loisell is minor character. He is deutragonist, the actions are less than Mathilde. He is complemantary to the protagonist. Besides that, he is simple character, because the author only portrays one side of his attitude that is his goodness. He is a good husband; he always tries to make her wife happy, although her wife is unsatisfied with their life but he always tries to make it better. We can see from when he tries to find some loan to replace the diamond necklace. He doesn’t anger with her wife. Whereas for Madame Jeanne Forestier , she is complete character, rarely does she have action in the story. By reading the story, the author uses dramatic method that is the author portrays almost all of the characters and the author knows that how almost all the characters are in the story.

c.       Setting

The action takes place in Paris, France. Specific locales include the residence of the Loisells, the home of Madame Jeanne Forestier, the palace of the Ministry of Education, Paris shop.

d.      Point of View

In this story, the author is third person narrator who is limited omniscient. The author knows about the characters, but that is limited. There is a restricted when he describes about the characters. He writes what he is thinking and knowing in his mind. The author knows everything about this character, but he shows no knowledge of what other characters are thinking or feeling in deep their heart.

e.       Style and Tone

The style of story is using texture of literature which has good diction by using sentences. Then, the story uses figurative language in some sentences. Besides that, the one important thing that the story uses symbols to portray the story. For instance that is the title the diamond necklace. On the other side, the tone of story is Irony. For example, Mathilde desperately wants to be of higher class, so she sacrifices to borrow the diamond necklace.

 f. Theme and the moral of story

The theme of this story is about appearances are deceiving. It is caused the author portrays how the people think that the appearance is really important till they use something which is an imitation. They do not care what they have used, the most important thing that they will seem beauty, elegant and a high class. The moral of story derives from the theme and subject. In the story, the theme is some comment on the subject, whether it is stated explicitly or remains implicit.

3.      Discussion

Considering to the short story above, we are interested in symbol value in the story. The author creates the title of story is “the diamond necklace”. Why the author uses the diamond necklace? Why doesn’t author choose silver, gold, ring or earing? In our mind, the diamond necklace is something which is really expensive, luxury, beauty, and high value and that is right. In this case, there are two points that we can get from this symbol of the diamond necklace. Those are the diamond necklace is thing which people hunger and then the diamond necklace can interpret the characters’ characteristic of story. As the result, the diamond necklace is a symbol which shows about the content of the story.

Firstly, the author chooses diamond necklace, because diamond necklace is one of things which each people really hunger. That is happened in the story, the author portrays when Methide wants to attend that party, and she doesn’t confidence with her self without jewelry though she is beautiful without using jewelry. Then, she decides to borrow jewelry and how she is fascinated when she looks that the diamond necklace. She directly wants to use it. That is one proof that each people fascinated with the diamond necklace. Here, the author uses diamond not gold or silver, it is caused the diamond has expensive prize and it appertains as the most valuable among the other jewelries. It symbolizes about the status of the human especially women who always want to be looked beauty and be high class in the status of social life. On the other hand, the author relates the diamond with the necklace not with ring or earing, because the necklace is a big jewelry which it can be looked directly by eyes of others and it also can be seen from far distance. In contrast with ring or earing, ring and earing are the small jewelries which can’t be seen by eyes from far distance. Those are symbolized the human especially woman who wants to show her class and wealth. The women always show their beauty and excess. It looks from the characteristics of the actress “Mathilde” who feels embarrassed to go to the party without using beauty gown and some jewelry. Then, when she attends the party, she thinks that all of the people fascinated with her beauty because of using the diamond necklace. She is really confidence in the party; she is like a high class woman. In fact, she doesn’t realize that she has a natural beauty, so though she doesn’t use diamond necklace she will seem a beautiful woman.  In completely, the title “The Diamond Necklace” symbolize about the status social of the human.

Secondly, by symbol of diamond necklace we understand how the characteristics of the characters are.  In the story, Miss Loisel or Mathilde is as main character. Actually, the function of story’s main character is being a character which portrays the women characteristic especially in Franc. In the story, the author portrays a woman who hungers of luxury, richness and so on.  She draws the typical of the 19th century woman who has feminine power and sexism that is presented on the story. It can be looked from the situation of the story when she attends the party, she looks so pretty, elegant, graceful, smiling and wild with joy. Then, from her husband that is Mr. Loisel, he portrays as the good husband who always loves her wife in every condition. He will be sacrifice to make his wife happy, although he is on difficult condition. For the last character is Ms. Forestier, she is irony that in the story she is a woman who has collection of jewelry. In our mind, she is a rich and emphasize the high class of status social. However, by looking as a high class woman, she uses the imitation of jewelry without feeling ashamed by herself. The imitation necklace draws an arrogant and lies as human being and that is as the main character herself or someone who seeks to look like an expensive item but in reality it is a fake. The characters also draw of the dynamics of love between the clerk “Mr. Loisel” and her wife “Ms. Mathilde”. As the result, we can know how the character is by understanding the behind of diamond necklace itself. The author shows us about human being in the real of life.

4.      Conclusion

Mathilda is an example of a person who is never satisfied with her condition and daydream about very high things. Mathilde is in her middle-class trappings, but dreams of better things. She reaches a high point during the ball, where she is dressed as richly as the other guests; following the loss of the necklace. The time and process of their hard work find or get the diamond necklace means that become a rich people or become as the high class we need a process to get it and we can say that getting something always need long process and hard work. It also needs much time to lead us as a success person. Mathilde for all her dreams of a high society life does not know enough to realize that not all that shines is a diamond. If she understands and receives her condition may be everything will be different and better.