One of the most serious problems in Indonesia is about the planning to increase price of oil. That problem becomes a main topic in each Indonesia area. Almost a lot of the people give some kind of reactions toward that planning. Those are not only from people who agree about that planning, but also from the people who do not agree about it. For instance, many students college in each Indonesia area do rebellion to the government. They demand the government to refuse a planning to increase the price of oil. However, by increasing the price of oil not only will give disadvantages for Indonesian people, but that planning will also give advantages. We believe that the planning to increase it will give more advantages than disadvantages.  The government has thought why the government has a plan to increase it. There are two advantages of increasing the price of oil, those are helping to improve APBN Indonesia and then making the subsidy of citizen appropriated. As the result, we do believe that the government will not suffer their citizen, but the government will make condition better than before.

            The planning to increase price of oil will help to improve the APBN Indonesia. Every year, the government buys 63 million fuels. Then, the fuels will be sold to the canalizations. The canalizations will sell the fuels lower than the price which they have bought. The difference between the price of selling and the price of buying is called subsidy. In fact, the government unconsciously gets benefit from the result of selling fuels. By getting benefit, the APBN Indonesia will be increased also and then the government can improve the public infrastructure. For example, the public transportation should be repaired. The government will create public transportation that is cheap and efficient. By doing it, not only being economized of transportation cost, but also being health and clean environment that can decrease pollution and traffic jam. Beside that, the government can repair the development of road and bridge for the rural area. In conclusion, development budget will be increased and the government can make good facilities for Indonesian people.

            The other advantages of that planning is making subsidy of citizen appropriated. The statistic data shows many officials or rich people who have private transportation especially car. They should use “pertamax” for their fuels transportation, but almost all of them use “premium” to their fuels car. In fact, he “premium” has subsidy that is purposed to ordinary people or poor citizen. That is one of abused which Indonesian people have done. They do not realize that they have taken the right of citizen intuitively. As the result, by increasing the price of oil, the government will be able to arrange and restrict what the officials or people should use without taking the human right. So, it will make the subsidy is appropriated that have useful to the citizen. The government can improve education of Indonesia by giving subsidy to the poor citizen and it will make all of Indonesian people is educated.

            In conclusion, a planning to increase the price of oil is not bad thing for Indonesian people. However, it will be useful for Indonesia itself. That planning will make good changed in Indonesia, it can improve the development of Indonesia, and then citizen condition will be better than before. The poor citizen can get education; the salary of PNS will be increased also. So, don’t think that the increasing of price of oil only will make bad effect for Indonesia, but we should think that in the behind of that planning will create something which is really useful and good for Indonesia country. We must believe that the government never wants to suffer their citizen.