By reading that story, we believe that the Ten Indians is really good short story. We can see from the plots of the story. The structure of plot is unity. The author writes the beginning, middle and the end of story is related each other. We can see from how the author portrays it. The author describes the ten Indians is a short story which portrays about the white Americans and the Indians. The story draws about how American treats Indians. In the exposition of the story, the story happens on July which is the America Independence Day. The author introduces by portraying the condition which is Nick and Gardner’s family on the way to go home from the town. As we know that Nick, Joe Gardner, and his family are White Americans. Then, they pass nine Indians drunken along the road. Actually, there are ten Indians who they pass. However, one of the ten Indian is dragged by Joe Gardner. The author tells that Joe Gardner drags an Indian into the bushes and the Indian has been asleep. That is the beginning conflict in the story. The author begins the conflict by describing how Joe Gardner treats an Indian. Joe Gardner has treated Indian badly without thinking that is a human. It means that the author portrays how bad the American treats the Indians. As we know that the Indian is the native people in America. By knowing the history, we can say that the White America still control the Indians, because we can see from how the author portrays it. The author draws the Indians who are drinking along the road. It means that Indians still under control of American. The Americans intentionally give money to the Indians which are used to drink, and not to be taken seriously. They are not given a chance for education because they want the Indians less developed, so that the Indians will not fight government and the American can control them. Basically, the ten Indians mean that nine Indians and together with an Indian girl. By looking the story, the girl is Prudence Mitchell. In that story, the author tells that Prudence Mitchell is Nick’s friend. We can know about it when Carl says that “you get an Indian, don’t you? Then Frank follows Carl’s statement, he says that “Prudence Mitchell is his girl.” It makes Nick feel hollow and happy inside himself. That is the middle of conflict in the story. The author portrays how Nick’s feeling is when Carl and Frank mock him. By understanding it, we can say that Nick has relationship with Prudence. It is caused the Nick’s reaction is difference; he doesn’t look angry or happy. Besides that, Carl continues to say that I see you together with her every day. However, it makes Nick confused. Nick tries to explain that Prudence is not mine. He tries to avoid it, because Nick doesn’t want everyone to know about it. As we know that, Nick is White American, and Prudence is a squaw or an Indian. The White American argues that squaw is a bad girl, because a squaw can be gotten by any bodies. The White American thinks that by just giving money, they can get a squaw, so that they underestimate her like in the story. The author draws a squaw who has been slept, and can be dragged to the bushes by White American that is Joe Gardner. In the story, the author uses a symbol that is bushes. Bushes are a symbol which means a dirty place for Indians, because we can find everything which is bad in the bushes. In reality, federal government creates the Indian Territory. The Whites attitude towards the Indian during this period ranged from extreme malevolence (“the only good Indian is a good dead Indian”) to misdirected humanitarianism (Indians live in “inferior” societies and by assimilation into white society they can be redeemed) . It means that Americans don’t want Indian to live, although the Indian has a big creation or achievement. The Indian is better dead than alive. Thus, that is the problem, so that Nick tries to avoid that Prudence is not his friend. It is caused he doesn’t want his society to know about it. Nick does not want his father and his society to know that he has a relationship with an Indian. If they know about it, the society and his father may be will forbid and mock him. This condition is complication or development in the middle of story, it is caused the conflict raises action. In the story, Nick is the main character that is the major character. He becomes the center actor, because the reader gives sympathy to him because of his problem. He is a white American and Prudence’s friend. Nick is an arrogant person which describes about typical of Americans. The author portrays Nick’s character which is round character. In the story, the author draws the Nick character as human life that has goodness and badness. Nick is a White America. He should not have relationship with Indian and he should treat Indian badly. However, in fact he doesn’t do it, he still communicates with Indian well, even he falls in love with an Indian. That is human life character. As we know that, the story tells Nick’s problem, that is, Nick has a feeling toward Prudence. However Nick denies it, he doesn’t want anyone to know his feeling. But in fact, his father knows it very well that Nick falls in love with Prudence. On that account, his father wants to cut his relationship. It can be seen while his father says that he sees Prudence with Frank in the wood that looks so happy, without looking at him. It means that his father lied, he is a hypocrite. His father doesn’t approve him because Prudence is a squaw. As we have said before that the White American doesn’t want to have connection with Indians even that is a squaw. They want to separate with them, so that the Nick’s father disagrees with Nick’s relationship. This is the climax of the story by getting Nick conflicts with his father. In that story, Prudence is deutragonist that is the completed character and minor character. She doesn’t have action in the story, but she becomes main topic. The author portrays almost a lot of characters talk about her. For instance, the author tells Joe Gardner who is dragged an Indian girl which is symbolize of Prudence character its self, and she rises as Nick’s friend. However, there is no her action. She only becomes the main talking. The author draws the Gardner and his family that are figurant characters. They only rise when they drive home in a long the road. They don’t become center topic, they only raise temporary that is simple characters. The author only raises them to portray how the character White Americans are. Whereas, the author portrays Prudence character that Prudence remains an absent presence (a “vanished” Indian), constructed wholly through a white male discourse. Vanished Indian means that the Indian is not bulk large in life. The absent Indian girl here exposes the racism, sexism, and sexual repression inherent’ within this patriarchal discourse. On the other side, it makes Nick broken heart, because Nick directly believes that what his father has told him. That is a character of Americans who believe directly without looking for the reality. Nick is a person who is defeatist with a condition. After getting this information, this is in the end of the story. The conflict is falling action by Nick fells broken heart. The author only draws that Nick fells there is something different in his heart. Nick tries to deny that he is not broken heart. He tries to make him self sure that there is no feeling toward to Prudence. He fights with him self. However, He can avoid his feeling that he really loves Prudence. He really hurts when he knows that Prudence together with Frank in the Wood. It makes him hate Prudence. Then, he tries to forget about her, but the love feeling is more than hate feeling. It is really difficult for him. On the other hand, actually not only his father opposes his relationship with Prudence but also his society. It makes him confused what he has to do. However, he wants to be Prudence’s boy friend, but he can not against the society and his father. If he keeps up with his feeling and comes to Prudence, his society will expel him. His life will not be quiet and he can not lead his life while a lot of people exile him. On the other hand, if he follows his society and his father, his heart will be pained. Because he really loves Prudence, we can see in the story when his father tells him about Prudence, he lies in the bed with his face in the pillow and cried. It means that he is really disappointed. He has to decide which one is the best for him self. However, the ending of the story is only till Nick feels broken hear. So, we can conclude that the denouement of this story is open. It is caused the author just portrays till Nick is broken heart and still fight with him self without continuing what will happen to Nick and Prudence. We do not know that the ending is sad or happy, because there is no more explanation. The author makes the reader to imagine what will happen in this story. In this story the author is third person narrator who is omniscient. The author tells the story in third person, he can tell viewpoint of the characters. His knowledge and prerogative are unlimited. We can see from the story, he can describe each character, he can interpret their behavior. For instance, the author knows about character of Nick, his father, and the others in the story. The author tells us what he thinks and feels. We can see that he doesn’t take side to White America or Indians in the story. He is neutral, he tells the reader that how the condition of American and Indian is based on fact. If we analyze the story, perhaps we can say that the author prefer to the Indian. He portrays the bad attitude of America toward Indian though he is White America. However, he does it, because that is realty. He writes something which is fact. He only wants to give information to the reader that White American is like that toward the Indian. There is no the other purpose in his mind. As we know that the background of the author always writes based on his experiences.