Ten Indians is one of the story’s Hemingway. It tells about Nick’s journey to drive home with Joe Gardner’s family in the dusk on after Fourth of July. Nick and Joe’s Gardner family have watched the ball game. However, when they drive home, they meet with the nine drunken Indians on the road. Actually, Nick believes that there are Ten Indians, it is caused Joe Gardner drags an Indian to the bushes. The Indian has been asleep, face down in the sand. Nick is really curios with the Indian who Joe drugs. He sits on the back with the two Gardner Boys. He looks out from the back seat to see the Indian, but he can not see clearly. On the other hand, Carl talks with Frank. Both of them are Gardener’s boys. They talks about that Indian and Carl asks Frank about an Indian.  He says that is it Billy Tabeshaw? His pant looks mighty like Billy. Frank answers that he is not Billy, because all Indians wear the same kind of pants.

A long the road, Nick sits between the two boys. Then, he looks back from the top the hill by the schoolhouse. He sees the lights of Petoskey and off across Little Traverse Bay the lights of Harbour Springs and Joe with his wife sit close together on the front seat. Besides that, they talk about Indians on the road. Joe says that “right here is where Pa ran over the skunk.” There is no difference where it is and one place is just as good as another to run over skunk. He says it without turning his head. After that, Nick speaks that I saw two skunks, they were down by the lake and they were looking for dead fish along the beach last night. Carl says that may be they are not skunks. “No, I think I know the skunk,” says Nick. In contrast, Carl directly says that you get an Indian and Frank says that is Prudence Mitchell. They mock Nick with Prudence and Nick says “She is not my girl.” However, Nick feels hollow and happy inside himself with that mocking. By mocking Nick, Mrs. Gardner anger with Carl. She says that stop talking that way; you can get a girl, not even a squaw. It makes Carl quiet. On the other hand, Mr. Gardner laugh them, he says you better watch out to keep Prudie, Nick and Mrs. Gardner deliberately warns her husband. The time is still running, they arrive at Mr. Gardner’s house. By asking permission, Nick goes home by barefoot, it is caused his shoes is left in Gardner’s house.

After arriving at home, Nick meets with his father. They go to the kitchen to eat. His father brings in a piece of cold chicken on a plate, a pitcher of milk and some pie on the table. Then, nick asks his father what he has done for today. His father tells him that he goes out fishing in the morning and then he goes for a walk by the Indian camp in the afternoon. While he goes to there, he meets with the Indian who are getting drunk. Besides that, he tells that he looks Prudence with Frank in the woods. It makes Nick shocked. He asks his father what they have done and how they are. His father tells him that I just hear them threshing around and they look happy. Nick is not sure with what his father tells him, because what his father has told him that makes him feel bad. He feels like broken hurt. He goes to into his room, and get into bed. However, his heart’s broken; he thinks that if I feel this way my heart must be broken. He tries to sleep, to forget all of things, but he can deny that he loves her and really hurt his heart.