The Little women are a novel which tells about a family that has four daughters when grow up in New England during the Civil War. Those are Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy. They stay with their mother and aunt that is Mrs. March and Hanna because their father is scene of action. In that story, they will celebrate Christmas without their father, but this Christmas is wonderful. Although they don’t celebrate with their complete family, they can celebrate with the other family that is a poor family who can’t celebrate Christmas with happiness. By celebrating with them, they feel something different which is an impressive experience for this Christmas. Actually they have a neighbor who cares with the other that is Mr. Laurence. Firstly, they think that Mr. Laurence is a vicious, in fact he is a kind person; Mr. Laurence has a grandnephew that is Laurie. He is a close boy. Never does he go to anywhere, he just stays at home. Moreover, Laurie has a sister, and Mr. Laurence really misses her. She always plays piano for Mr. Laurence. On the other hand, Laurie’s sister is almost same with Beth. Beth really likes the music especially playing piano. One day, Mr. Laurence asks Beth to play the piano. Initially, Beth doesn’t want it. However she changes and plays piano for Mr. Laurence. After that moment, Mr. Laurence knows that Beth really want to have a piano, and Mr. Laurence gives her a gift that is a beautiful piano.

By getting gift from Mr. Laurence, Beth is really happy and from that moment she always plays piano everyday. On the other side, Jo really likes writing, she always writes everything in her book. One day, she had written something the pride of her heart and is regarded by her family as a literary sprout of great promise. She wants to give her father to see it. However, how unlucky she is, Amy burns that book because of her anger. Amy had been fight with Jo, because Jo doesn’t allow her to go to theater with them. Amy and Jo have quick temper, Amy teases Jo, and Jo irritates Amy. It makes Amy burn that book. When Jo knew that Amy had burned that book, she is so angry. She directly shakes Amy till her teeth chattered in her head. She said to Amy “you wicked, wick girl! I never can write it again, and I’ll never forgive you as long as I live.” After that, Amy realizes that she is wrong and apologizes to Jo. However, Jo is still angry and she can’t forgive her. Then, their mother knows about it and she tries to make Jo calm. How prudent their mother is, she doesn’t blame Amy or Jo. She is never angry to their daughters. In fact, she advises Jo to forgive Amy about her mistake. She says Amy is your sister, she is still child. Both of you are my daughters; don’t break your relationship because of it.

After getting that problem and advices from her mother, Jo tries to change her attitude. She tries to control her temper and forgiving her sister. She realize that she is wrong and Amy also. The time is still running, their family is better than before. Meg is growing adult, Jo tries to be calm, Beth is still prudent, and Amy is still childish. One day, in their holiday Hannah is not there. Their mother gives permission to her for taking holiday. It makes them shock, because the first time Hannah leaves them. Beside that, their mother leaves them also; their mother wants to go to some places. It makes them confused. They don’t know what they have to do. In that morning, they are who usually get breakfast in the table, but for today there is nothing in that table. Firstly, they are sad and angry with the condition. Never do they cook during their life. So, they decide to make experiment, it is like they learn to cook. They begin with looking the food which they will cook. By looking food in recipe book, so many foods which they want to cook like spaghetti, pudding, and so on. Jo is so confidence, she tries to cook it and the others also. They enjoy their activities. However, the result is really surprise, those food are not delicious. They are sad because of their result. By doing experiment, they realize that being house keeper or house wife is really difficult. From that moment, they try to change their habitual, they won’t be spoiled daughters. All of their activities must be better than before and their mother is really happy to see their change.

to be continued,,,