Ten Indians is a short story which told about discrimination between white Americans and Indians. In the story drew about how American treated Indians. The story was happened on July which is America Independence Day where it wanted to tell us the condition of America. It told Indians condition while Americans were celebrating their independence day; it described nine Indians who drunk along the road. It meant that Indians still under control of American. Americans intentionally gave money to Indians which only to be used to drink, and not to be taken seriously. They were not given a chance for education because they wanted Indians less developed, so that Indians will not fight government and they could control them. Poverty and education had plagued American Indian. In the 1990, about 40,000 native student (10% of the total) attended some 170 Bureau of Indians Affairs (BIA) funded schools, about 10,000 (3%) attended private school and over 300,000 (87%) attended public schools. In these schools a disproportionate number of native student achieve below action averages.

Basically, ten Indians meant that nine Indians who drunk heavily and together with an Indian girl. The girl was Prudence Mitchell. It told that a squaw was a bad girl, because a squaw could be got by any body. White American tells that money can get a squaw, so that they underestimated her like in that story. It drew a squaw who could had been slept, and could be dragged to the bushes. Bushes were a symbol which meant a place for Indians. In reality, federal government created the “Indian Territory.” A new policy of establishing reservation came gradually into shape after the boundaries of the Indians territory began to be ignored.  White attitudes towards Indian during this period ranged from extreme malevolence (“the only good Indian is a good dead Indian”) to misdirected humanitarianism (Indians live in “inferior” societies and by assimilation into white society they can be redeemed). So, Americans thought it was suitable for Indians place.

In the story Nick was the main character where he was a white American and Prudence’s friend. Nick was an arrogant person which described about typical of Americans. The story told Nick’s problem. As we know that in the story Nick had a feeling to Prudence. However Nick denied it, he didn’t want to admit that he liked Prudence to the other people including his father.  But in fact, his father knew it. On that account, his father wanted to break his relationship. It was seen while his father said he saw Prudence with Frank in the wood who looked so happy, without his father was not looking at him. It meant that his father lied, his father was a hypocrite. He said like that because he wanted to make Nick realized that his father didn’t approve if he became prudence’s friend. It’s because Prudence was a squaw or Indian woman. Prudence remains an absent presence (a “vanished” Indian ), constructed  wholly through a white male discourse. White America thought that Indian women are here assigned the lowest possible value in this sexual economy. Indian women to the lowest rung because they are considered sexually promiscuous and  immoral. On the other hand as we know that Americans can not respect to the other people instantly, they must need long process. Moreover the people who are Indians, it’s difficult to white Americans communicate with Indians. In directly, his father wanted to make Nick forget Prudence. It made Nick broken heart, because Nick directly believes that what his father has told him. That is a character of Americans who believe directly without looking for the reality. Nick was a person who was defeatist with a condition. What his father has said hurt him.

Actually, not only his father opposed his relationship with Prudence but also his society. That made him confused what he had to do. However he wanted to be Prudence’s boy friend but he could not against the society and his father. If he kept up with his feeling and came to Prudence, his society would expel him and his father would not like him. His live would not be quiet and he could not lead his life while a lot of people exiled him. On the other hand if he followed his society and his father, his heart would be pained. Because he really loved Prudence, we could see in the story when his father told him about Prudence, he lied in the bed with his face in the pillow and cried. It meant that he was really disappointed. He had to decide which one was the best for his life.  As the result, discrimination can make big problem which brings on destruction in this world, and invites division among us. So that we must avoid it to safe our country.